Talent Acquisition

“All companies make hiring mistakes…Small companies cannot afford to.”
John Weidner

Our passion is impact! Our passion is building teams. We help our clients accomplish their challenging goals by finding and securing for them the talent they need to succeed. It really is a beautiful thing and we pride ourselves at being good at it.

Cornell Global was initially founded as an Executive Search Firm working primarily in the Financial Services Sector. However, over the years, our reach has expanded and today our experience and expertise spans many industries and functional areas serving Start-ups to the Fortune 500. We are not intimidated by that which we have not done because we know we can figure it out.

So while we follow a rigorous process in identifying and acquiring talent for you, we are also flexible and often creative in the contractual arrangement under which we might work with you. For the Start-up, we can function as your in-house recruitment department, paid in cash and sometimes equity for our time. For a larger company, our fee structure typically includes a nominal retainer with a success fee paid upon the successful placement of a candidate. But regardless of structure, the goal is still the same…to help you land the most outstanding talent available in the market.